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Guide On High-Strength Steels And Tool Steels

Tool steels has durability, toughness and good processing characteristics. High strength steel is the leading material today and will be there tomorrow. The demand for more advanced materials is constantly increasing in steel for all possible tooling solutions. Tool steel is intended to manufacture tools for metal cutting like turning tools or forming process like stamping dies and rollers.

This article contains information on advanced high strength steels and tool steels based on the collaboration.

tool steels

Higher Strength, Hardness and Wear Resistance:

Typically, tool steel contains high carbon contents (1%), chromium and vanadium. Tool steel has higher strength, hardness and wear resistance as compared to ordinary structural steel. Heating and rapid cooling, quenching and subsequent heat treatment are the best way to get a good combination of hardness and toughness.

Electrically conductive and magnetic steel:

Steel generally has good electrical conductivity. This conductivity increases with reduced levels of contaminants, but no steels developed in the true sense of that feature. However, the magnetic properties are adapted for different applications using alloys through various manufacturing and heat treatment processes.

Electrically conductive and magnetic steel

The Steel’s Performance For Optimal Results:

In the design of the tool, it is a lot you need to consider. It’s about steel properties and how to process it. It is also important that you get the right finish for your tools, depending on what you use them for.

The Right Decision Will Save Time and Money:

Many customers use steel as resource in the design and development of tooling. With proper steel keeps you both life and performance of your tools or other demanding applications like Guillotine Blades in the process industry.

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