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Are your gums receding? Those exposed roots are not only unattractive but also incredibly sensitive. Until this, the only way to treat receding gums was through gum grafting surgery, a procedure that is invasive, time consuming, and which leaves you with conspicuous sutures at the gum-line. "Gum grafts suffer from low success rates not to mention the pain and the cost for such an ineffective treatment...".

This is a great new procedure that can treat and reshape receding gums without any suturing or stitching

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What people are saying about this Book !!

Karen M. LOZATucson, AZ

I had gingivitis for 12 years and I seriously thought I'm stuck with it forever. I started following this method 6 weeks ago and wish I knew about it earlier! My gum doesn't bleed anymore when brushing my teeth. No more blood marks on my pillow each morning! I recommend anyone who wishes to do something about his gum problems to read your book. Thank you and god bless!

Dana T...Colchester, Essex

Your method really does work for me. My teeth were loose on lower right molar. In three weeks they tightened up and are no longer painful. The dentist was really impressed with the improvement in my gum. For the first time I am hopeful that I shall keep my teeth. Many thanks for your excellent guidance.

Thomas COOPERBelleville, IL

Your book is a great resource for those with gum disease. Thanks to your pieces of advice, I was able to find a good dentist in St. Louis. There is a terrible lack of info on that out there! Thanks a lot for transmitting your knowledge.

Wendy U...Princeton, IL

Thanks to you, I finally found a way to reverse receding gums. Luckily for me, I didn't need any surgery. I had the best of care, and the very best of results. I'm so glad that my gum problems are now over. Thank you very much.

Rose M...Columbus, OH

Dear Paul, it was my good fortune to have found your guide. I had not been able to bite into an apple for so long. Many many thanks to you for giving me back my confidence.

ShaneCharlotte, NC

My gums were in bad shape and i couldn't understand why they were receding. 

The gum disease happened so quickly, whether it was due to bad health or what, but it was bad.I had deep pockets in all my gums and the surgery was a necessity.I had a quarter of my mouth (teeth) scraped severely, (2 HOUR APPOINTMENT), once a week for four weeks. After I had all that done I was given strict cleaning instructions, electric toothbrush, brushes for between the teeth and floss, which would have taken 15 minutes twice a day, this was to ensure no plaque returned, otherwise I would have been back in that dentists chair yet again. So I did what I was boringly told to do!!After a month, my gums had recovered enough for me to have my amalgams replaced with white fillings. I had to get rid of the mercury out of my mouth.

Anyway, one day I was on the net and thought about my gums etc, etc, and wondered if there might be something somewhere out in the www that might make keeping gum Recession away easier......well, guess what? I came across This EBook.

I singed up and downloaded this Report. I started following the methods straight away, I had visited the Periodontist (mind you I had only been using the natural treatment method mentioned in the Report for a month). He checked and called his nurse over to see how the gums had healed so well already and how well I was cleaning them. She said "I have never seen gums recover that healthily only three months after surgery ever before", the Periodontist agreed and said "you must be spending at least 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day to have your gums looking that good, well done". Of course I said yes, because it was too early to mention the "Reverse Receding Gums" Treatment method. Anyway time went by and 6 months after, I went to my dental hygienist. She was equally amazed at the healthy new gums. I still didn't tell her about alternative treatment method from this Ebook. So now to the final and incredibly amazing part. I had my 12 month visit last week and the Hygienist was staggered. No Gingivitis and Gum recession at all she, in 12 months I have gone from chronic Gum recession and Gum Inflammation to none..........I am just so happy. Of course I will keep advising my friends to use this alternative treatment method. This Report has changed my health all over. As, healthy Gums....Healthy Body and it is true.

Kindest Regards;

The Author

Dr. Paul Stone,

"Reverse Receding Gums at Home Without Surgery" ...!

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