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Many people use their computer without maintaining and they never realize that there comes a time when their PC is slower and needs PC Reparatie. In the beginning, you are not so much affected, but over time it takes the startup of Windows ever longer stay programs fixed hang or do they slow.

At such time you want your make PC faster, but HOW can I make my computer faster?

In this post you can read out some ways to make your PC faster again.

Accelerate Windows

A lot of computers are slow because they never cleaned or Windows updates not installed or your computer still works with the old system drivers from when you bought it.

It is therefore important that you occasionally maintain your Computer herstellen. The maintenance of your PC consists of a number of steps, which you can perform. Several simple tasks that must you leave to programs developed specifically, for cleaning and speeding up Windows.

PC Reparatie

Software for Windows maintenance

You can make your computer speed by utilizing software programs developed specifically for the maintaining and optimizing Windows. These programs install on your computer, and the program will then automatically, ready for the maintenance tasks of Windows. These programs are suitable for both inexperienced and experienced users and also very effective! Besides software to support Windows, there are also programs for Windows to optimize. Such programs are also called tune and tweak programs.

Hardware changes

Regardless of whether your PC is new or old, you can always make your computer faster by buying new hardware. Certain components should to be replaced. The replacement of components in your computer can be a difficult and complex task.

For example, each chip set you have another different type of component needed. Read the buying manual of your PC to determine which chip-set you have and what computer matching component (s) your need. To avoid buying those components are not suitable for your PC.

One of the most common hardware change is to expand the memory (RAM). Expanding the memory is not as complicated if you have bought the right components and usually you immediately find a faster PC after upgrading memory “Herstel Computer”.


Another common hardware change is the replacement of the CPU of the computer. If you plan, then turn. Advisable a professional in most cases it remains not only the replacement of the CPU.

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